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What you can expect:

You are going to find that learning about the Science of Reading will result in a shift in knowledge.  It isn't a "pendulum swing" or new fad.  It is grounded in decades of research on how the brain learns to read. It is not something that you can learn in one sitting and apply in the classroom the next day.  It is not a program that you will be given and expected to implement.  It requires developing knowledge about what the research says and how to best utilize that knowledge.  That is why we created this website.  Our how can we help page is intended to reflect requests by our readers.  Connect with us and let us help you make this knowledge shift a success. We hope that through our where to begin and what is the science of reading pages you will build an understanding of the research and be able to begin looking at your instruction through a new lens.  On our classroom connection page and subpages we hope you will find helpful resources to make the shift to evidence based reading instruction.  We will tackle a new "shift" each month so make sure you check back each month.  The dyslexia, administrator resources, parent resources (coming soon) and recommended reading pages include resources to help navigate those areas.  This website is considered a work in progress and will change to accommodate identified needs.  Please reach out and let us know what will best help you on your SOR journey! 

This site is under construction.  Please be patient as we work to provide you with resources as we find them.

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